In 2020 businesses in the retail and restaurant space realized that optimizing their customer experience to be as easy and digital as possible for the consumer was necessary to survive.


Customers wanted to shop, learn about products, and pay all before they ever got to a physical store. 

As economies recovered, many of the innovations made for these businesses have become the new normal as a shopping experience customers expect. 

We realized very quickly that as other industries adapted, very little was done to support the everyday businesses that sell in person activities and experiences for people who may just be looking to go out and have fun. 

So we aim to fill that gap and become the one stop shop platform for people who are looking for a fun time, and want to have the modern shopping convenience they've come to expect.

So... how does it work?

The Problem

Discovering things to do is

time consuming and expensive.


Finding info and deals is tough, and info online is scattered on many pages

and can be outdated.

What happens is, 

people waste time scouring the internet,

and waste money trying things out

that they may not like. 

People get frustrated, and

venues that might be their match then lose out

on business, and potential customers.

Our Solution

We let venues host themselves on our platform, create discounts and promos; exclusively for our users.


Letting them reach interested customers

in their area, fast.

Users can shop, compare, share, and

get deals with their friends 


And when they find something they like we let them pay conveniently through us.


Win Win

This creates an exchange

Customers find deals and fun.

Businesses offer a better experience.

Customers feel happier and come back more often.

Local businesses get a digital boost and tools to learn and get better. 


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