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How we electrify your businesss

01. Marketing Channel

Marketing for small businesses is expensive and tedious,

but not with us.


All our users downloaded Poppin specifically to find  something fun to do; there’s no need to convince them!

Show off your business and deals instantly, to people who are already looking for a fun time. 

02. Revenue Capture

People want to shop and pay conveniently and get rewarded, so let them!  We want to let your customers pay on their phone as easily as possible.

Bookings, group discounts, loyalty deals, no hassle transactions and bill splitting. We handle it for you. 

03. Analytics

What actions bring you the most business?

Which customers spend the most money?

When are discounts most effective?

Stop playing guess-work. We gather the data, so you can make actionable decisions

Don't Play Catch Up

Other industries & large corporations have enterprise platforms to capture attention, advertise discounts, and digitize point-of-sales.

Now you do too.



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